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How to decorate using English Teapot


How to decorate using english tea pot by Premiere Design Interiors

Girls will be girls and Boys will be boys, Majority of the girls would choose PINK in different patterns and Shades and in most cases, it can be seen in every girl’s possession. If you have enjoyed our first DIY Wednesday’s How to Decor Succulent Plants in 4 easy steps; Here’s another home inspiration for you!

What you’ll need:
    • 1 set of Teapot
    • Set of Pearl Necklaces
    • 3 Old Books that match Pink.
    • A Balinese-themed frame

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To achieve this look:

    1. Place the Balinese frame at the back. This frame will place the round and floral look of your accessories.
    2. Layer three plain-colored books, in front of the frame with an illusion of stairs and place a Medium Size Teapot above it. This will emphasize your teapot.
    3. Wrap around the Pearls
    4. Uncover your teapot and replace it with a bunch of flowers to it into the teapot
    5. On your right is 3 layer of teacups and saucers
    6. On the left side is a small size teapot.

And you’re set! You now have your English Teapot Decor. Always keep in mind that contrast is a good combination, just know when and how to use it. 

How to decorate using english tea pot tip

Brainstormed by:

Interior Designer (IDr.) Emari Grace I. Pimentel
Interior Designer (IDr.) Kristen Gayle G. Chua 
Interior Decorator  Joan Gay V. Fuentes
Location: Home and Pantry 



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