". How to decorate succulent plants in 4 easy steps | Emari Pimentel

How to decorate succulent plants in 4 easy steps


How to decorate succulent plants in 4 easy steps

How to decorate Succulent Plants in 4 Easy Steps

How to decorate succulent plants

In one of my earlier careers in 2016, I had a eureka moment to work on Succulent Plant and tapped my friends, Interior Designer Kristel Gayle Chua and Interior Decorator Joan Gay Fuentes of Home and Pantry to create a styling decoration using Succulent Plants. 

Good thing there is an available Home Decorating Items in Home and Pantry that we can use to refresh a Succulent Plant and come up with something.

A Contemporary-Rustic Home Decor

How to decorate succulent plants

Prepare the following items

1 piece Frame
2 set of Clear vases with succulents
1 set of chrome vases with succulents
1 piece of Acrylic Riser

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A Step-by-Step Styling Guide

    1. Place the Frame on the Side to give emphasize as this is the tallest item
    2. Place the taller vase above the acrylic riser  and place it in front of the frame
    3. Next is the second clear vase, placed in front of the first vase with acrylic forming an illusion of three steps stairs; all in a vertical line.
    4. Place the Chrome vase in front of the rustic frame and aligned it with the second glass vase; this gives a contrasting feel to the rustic-themed frame and breaks the monotonous vertical shape of the first three items which also balances the modern feel that the two glass vase shows.

Design Tip: Add dimensions to your Home Decor

In decorating, it is essential that you know your theme and what outcome you look forward to. Having a beautiful space is good but it creates a lasting impression when you have the perfect fit in your accessories.

Brainstormed by:

Interior Designer (IDr.) Emari Grace I. Pimentel
Interior Designer (IDr.) Kristen Gayle G. Chua 
Interior Decorator  Joan Gay V. Fuentes
Items and Location: Home and Pantry



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