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How to Decorate in Modern English Florals


In our last leg of Collaboration, We thought of the English Teapot and We decided to create a Console Table Decoration inspired by English Floral. Here is what we came out.

Let's roll out our cards and get this fabulous decor this week.

How to Decorate in Modern English Florals

To Get this Look, prepare the following:

  •  3 Acrylic Risers
  • 2 Varieties of Large Glass with Cover
  • 2 Varieties of Medium Glass Jars with Cover
  • 2 Varieties of Wide Glass Jars with Cover
  • 1 Chrome Square Jar
  • 10 Sets of Pearls
  • 10 Packs of Crystal Gems
  • A Bouquet of Artificial Flowers in Vintage Look in white and peach colors

A Step-by-Step Guide to Styling a Modern English Floral

  1. Have a dark base to ensure that your light-colored materials will showcase their beauty
  2. Have all your Glass Jars filled with a pack of Peach-colored artificial flowers, and cover and wrap a pearl necklace on its lid forming an infinity symbol or number eight.
  3. Place a bouquet of Artificial White Flowers on your Chrome Square Jars.
  4. For your First Set. Use 2 Acrylic Risers on top of each Large Glass jar with a Cover. Place this near the wall.
  5. For the Second Set. Place a Medium Glass Jar in front of the first set with a gap between them and slightly on the side.
  6. For the Third Set. Place the Wide Glass Jar in angular form, this will somehow occupy some space between the first set and second set's gap. Place this on the side, making the second set to be in the middle of the First and Third Sets.
  7. For the Chrome Vase, Fill it will white artificial roses. Place it beside the First set, wherein it will look like it's between the first set's glass jars.
  8. Lastly, Have crystal gems surround it.  This will match your glass jars and chrome vase and will soften the look of your base.

Here's the last leg of our collaboration for this year and if you happen to like our collaboration. Let us know in the comments. Check out some of our previous project collaborations:

Brainstormed by:

Interior Designer (IDr.) Emari Grace I. Pimentel
Interior Designer (IDr.) Kristen Gayle G. Chua 
Interior Decorator  Joan Gay V. Fuentes
Location: Home and Pantry 



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