Color Meanings in Design

red and blue is the background color of color meanings in design

Last week, I talked about the reason behind my blog name, as you noticed I have a color scheme of Red, White, Gray and Black, a combination of neutral colors and a warm bold color. Do you want to know why?

Color plays an essential role in our lives; it changes the way we think, act and feel. It is the identification of the things we carry on with what we do. It conveys a strong message to the end user in giving them a clear message, similar to interior design the use of colors for branding or visual marketing is very critical and behind every color in design has both general definition and personal definition

Below is an Info graphic about the color meanings in design:

neutral color of color meanings in infographic design
Photo Credits to NeverInneverland

This is just a basic understanding in choosing colors and for this blog, it's Red, Gray, White, and Black, choosing these colors every easy and personally, I have my own definition behind the colors I used.

Red it’s a representation of attention-grabbing, why? A creative person doesn’t make anything average, their work is beyond exceptional.  Their lives are full of colors and it reflects their personality too, in one way or another.

White is the opposite of red’s definition it lessens the color that makes a creative work stand out.

Gray is subtle and soothing a perfect combination for having a color in between white and black, thus it blends well when paired with red.

Black is a definition of bold and power, though used less in this site. It represented a variety of willingness to try something new and it gives the power to decide to take action.

In every place we go, there’s a definition and thus it conveys messages to us. Just like when we are on the street. We see a stoplight having three colors; the red, orange and green which means stop, prepare to halt and Go!.
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