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Psychology of Colors in Interior Design


Psychology of Colors in Interior Design 

To communicate feeling such as stimulation, passion, serenity, and uncertainty in space, color plays a vital role in creating a whole mood of a person. Color can amend the mood of a person in ways one doesn’t feel all of a sudden. Color can affect how you feel think or act in various situations. That is what we call color psychology in interior design. The primary brick to a space in the interior is color. However, colors surround us everywhere and form a connection between a brick block and a human mind. People feel comfortable around the colors that reflect their personalities. For example, for a passionate and bold person red or orange may be the color of happiness. However, a calm and shy person would not feel homely in red. Despite it, color may have a different influence from person to person, we can have a rainbow chart of color in general. 


A daring primary color, the most dramatic hue of the color palette, and appealing color when it comes to tackling emotions. Actions and willpower are supplementary qualities to this hue and that’s why red can be used in offices and home offices to be more productive in work. 


People who love red but are not fond of its aggressive nature can go for orange in a pallet. You can safely play with this hue as it can be energetic and a pop-up shade if you want a traditional or pop art feel. You can also discover its shades in natural materials such as wood. 


bright as a sun, a source of joy and luxury feel this color can be a cheerful addition to your room in every form such as furniture, wall, ceiling, or lighting. The gold shades of this hue can change the mood of the room to a bright and optimistic space. 


Clear as the sky, and soothing as water, this color may meditate you naturally with its fresh and tranquil nature. Light Blues can make your space feel enlarge and airy. Dark blues create a feeling of loyalty and formality. 


A royal color, having a restful quality it shows nobility in the psychology of colors. As it is a mixture of red and blue it has properties from both hues like energy and creativity. 


as natural as leaves, this color symbolizes good luck, hope, and life. Ranging from emerald to olive this color can be pair with a neutral one in the home, offices, and business properties as a sensible choice. 

Neutral colors

Flexible colors can pair with both warm and cool hues to make a space more dramatic. In a psychological way white shows purity in space, grey enhance classiness and the black one holds mystery.

In implementing the colors in each space, there is no right or wrong. What matters is that each space should reflect you, your desire and vision for the space and most importantly it should complement your way of life and your vision. After all, it's you who is who will live and stay in your home.

Editors Note: This was originally posted last August 22, 2016. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 

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