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How to Decorate in Modern English Florals


Two weeks ago, I published a blog, titled: How to decorate an English Tea Pot. In Lieu of the published post, We decided to showcase another work of DIY in reference to English Decor. This English Inspired had become one of our favorites, it makes us feel like we're in Europe.

Let's roll out our cards and get these fabulous decor this week.

Written by: Emari Grace I. Pimentel. Styled by: Joan Gay Fuentes. Shoot on Location by Home and Pantry

Prepare the following

3 Acrylic Risers
2 Varieties of  Large Glass Jars with cover
2 Varieties of Medium Glass Jars with cover
2 Varies of Wide Glass Jars with cover
1 Chrome Square Jar
Set of Pearls
Packs of Crystal Gems
Bouquet of Artificial Flowers in Vintage Look, use white and peach colors

Get this Look:

  1. Have a dark base to ensure that your light-colored materials will showcase their beauty
  2. Have all your Glass Jars filled a pack of Peach-colored artificial flowers, cover and wrap a pearl necklace on its lid forming like an infinity symbol or number eight.
  3. Place a bouquet of Artificial White Flowers on your Chrome Square Jars.
  4. For your First Set. Use 2 Acrylic Riser on top of each Large Glass Jars with Cover. Place this near the wall.
  5. For the Second Set. Place a Medium Glass Jars in front of the first set with a gap between them and slightly on the side.
  6. For the Third Set. Place Wide Glass Jar in angular form, this will somehow occupy some space between the first set and second set's gap. Place this on the side, making the second set to be in the middle of the First and Third Set.
  7. For the Chrome Vase, Fill it will white artificial roses. Place it beside the First set, wherein it will look like it's between the first set's glass jars.
  8. Lastly, Have crystal gems surround it.  This will match your glass jars and chrome vase and will soften the look of your base.
Wasn't it so easy to do? Like what I've set before it's all about adding dimensions. Take note recycling some of your stuff can bring a long way (Check: Succulents). You'll never know when your creative juices will come out. This is our last collaboration with Joan Gay Fuentes and Home and Pantry of this month of August. Catch her once again for another easy DIY Wednesday with her in the coming months.

                                                                            Joan Gay Fuentes is a Cebu Based Florist and Decorator. She is currently working at Home and Pantry. Follow her in her Instagram account. 

Here's our some of our previous Project Collaboration:

How to make a Classic White Flower Ball

How to make classic White Flower Ball

The BER Months is fast approaching and we are soon to welcome another year of our lives and somehow, some of us have thought; "When would I get married?" Or "I want this kind of theme for my wedding!" And there are so many options to choose from. For those who want to showcase some of their creativity for a simple and elegant wedding. Here’s some DIY you can do with your bridesmaids while you’re waiting for your big day.

Flower Balls made Accessorized in Pearls

Written by: Emari Grace I. Pimentel.  Styled by: Joan Gay Fuentes.  Concept by:  Bud and Stems Floral Creation. Shoot on Location:  Wedding Venue

Prepare the following:

4 inches Styrofoam Ball 
Hot Glue / Quick Dry Glue (Make sure you’ve got plenty of these)
1 Pack of Golden Pearls
Artificial Thenold Flowers
Hair Pin

Preparation of Decorative Accessories

To get this look

  1.  Find the center of your Styrofoam ball and make a mark on its center on both ends. This will serve as your guide for the Artificial Thenold Flowers.
  2. Begin by placing the Artificial Thenold Flowers glued to the Styrofoam balls center. Let it dry.
  3. Once dry, Glue another Artificial Thenold Flowers until it forms another set of flowers around the center. Do this until it’s fully covered.
  4.  Make sure its completely dry, and when it is. Glue your pearls on the center of each flower. Do this one at a time.
  5. At last, you can add a ribbon by using a hairpin nailed to the Styrofoam for your final touches.

Do not be overwhelmed that you will be making a bunch of DIY for you or your friend. Just enjoy doing the DIY. So you’ll have a quality outcome of what you are making. Doing a DIY for a wedding is great for girl bonding after all one of your girls has stepped out of the single-hood.

How to decorate using English Teapot


How to decorate using english tea pot

How to decorate using english tea pot by Premiere Design Interiors

Girls will be girls and Boys will be boys, Majority of the girls would choose PINK in different patterns and Shades and in most cases it can be seen in every girl’s possession. If you have enjoyed our first DIY Wednsday’s How to decorate Succulent Plants in 4 easy steps; Here’s another home inspiration for you!

Written by: Emari Grace Pimentel. Styling by: Joan Gay Fuentes. Shoot on location at Home and Pantry

What you’ll need:
    • 1 set of Teapot
    • Set of Pearl Necklaces
    • 3 Old Books that matches Pink.
    • A Balinese themed frame

To achieve this look:

    1. Place Balinese frame at the back. This frame will place the round and floral look of your accessories.
    2. Layer three plain colored books, in front of the frame with an illusion of stairs and place a Medium Size Teapot above it. This will emphasize your teapot.
    3. Wrap around the Pearls
    4. Uncover your teapot and replace it with a bunch of flowers to it into the teapot
    5. On your right is 3 layer of teacups and saucers
    6. On the left side is a small size teapot.

And you’re set! You now have your English Teapot Decor. Always keep in mind the contrast is a good combination, just know when and how to use it. 

How to decorate using english tea pot tip

How to decorate succulent plants in 4 easy steps


How to decorate succulent plants in 4 steps

How to decorate succulent plants

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of succulents as a decorative indoor plant and for our first DIY Wednesday, I am collaborating with my dear friend, Joan Gay Fuentes of Home and Pantry to give us a glimpse on How to decorate succulent plants in 4 easy steps.

Written by: Emari Grace Pimentel. Styling by: Joan Gay Fuentes. Shoot on location at Home and Pantry.

How to decorate succulent plants

For a Contemporary-Rustic decor, We picked up 5 items
1 piece Frame
2 set of Clear vases with succulents
1 set of chrome vases with succulents
1 piece of Acrylic Riser

To get this look.

    1. Place Frame on the Side to give emphasize as this is the tallest item
    2. Place the taller vase above the acrylic riser  and place it in front of the frame
    3. Next is the second clear vase, placed in front of the first vase with an acrylic forming an illusion of a three steps stair; all in a vertical line.
    4. Place the Chrome vase in front of the rustic frame and aligned it with the second glass vase; this gives a contrasting feel to the rustic-themed frame and breaks the monotonous vertical shape of the first three items which also balances the modern feel that the two glass vase shows.

How to decorate succulent plants

In decorating, it is essential that you know your theme and what outcome you look forward to. Having a beautiful space is good but it creates a lasting impression when you have the perfect fit in your accessories.

Joan Gay Fuentes

Floral Stylist: Joan Gay Fuentes, Cebu based florist and decorator. Who is currently working at Home and Pantry.
To know about her, follower her in instagram @jinggay_joan

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