PIID-CEBU Christmas Party 2016


The month of December means the birth of Christ; as the season of giving is fast approaching and a long-weekend is bound to happen, we say our goodbye for the year through Christmas Parties. As a member of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers- Cebu Chapter, We celebrated it with a theme: Rock of Age.

This year's Christmas Party was held in Bayfront Hotel in Bogo Room. The night was prepared by our officers and made possible by them and our sponsors too.

Almost everyone prepared for this day, their #OOTDs (outfit of the day) are creatively done and some look has less effort but still look stunning and inline with the theme. Some showcased their creativity through accessories and props they brought.

Our Chic Centerpiece for the Night

Our Candies

Table Setup
The nights OOTD Group

Theyre Enjoying the night taking much selfies

The Newly Inducted Officers of PIID

The Newly Inducted Interior Designers

The night wont be filled with fun without Miss Jul Oliva (Interior Designer)

That's us!  The Entire PIID Cebu Chapter Members

Even the night was unexpected for me, As I won the grand prize for the nights raffle; I was not even dressed up but I got the prize from Boysen Philippines Inc. It made my night. As the party was almost over; and we can't get enough of the nights event; We all seating on table 13 won the prizes and it was just fun and continued to have an after party that was unforgettable. 

Top 5 Pinterest Halloween Centerpiece


It's another inspiring week for the Halloween Season and I Just can't wait to fill in the little stuff that might be going on through your mind right now. Check these Skull Floral Centerpieces that you made want to add for the last minute, photos taken from pinterest.

This glam decor best fits for luxury decor, you see the gold skull complements well with purple and with a mirror detailed frame. Your flowers needs to be simple and monotone just to show emphasis on the skull.

This flower arrangement looks like it's skulls taken from a coffin, with that creepy broken bones in bleached white skull. It kinda looks odd to be but i love how the combination of color dark fresh flowers and was combined to make it both stand out. 

This is like a days old kind of arrangement, more likely of a vintage feel, the use of twigs and minimal flowers with dried foliage plus its cobwebs seems to be make an attraction, I was imagining that the skull an ancient caveman with those big bone structure that looks that needs cleaning. Best fit for a vintage feel Halloween decor.

Purple is the color of royalty and death and this grabs attention to both, it looks glam and bold. 

This arrangement reminds me of a Carnival Theme that I once collaborated for an event, It's hat made the statement that mixes both the skull accessories and its flower arrangement. 

Top 5 Pinterest Halloween Decors


Few more days and it's Halloween. I believe you must be feeling in big trouble on what to decorate on your space. Here's a tip. Choose a particular part of the house you wish the decorate. Let's say your living room, that's a general area, try to make it specific; Your Entire Wall where your TV was place. 

So, you have your space to decorate, don' think too much now. Let's get moving with the decors. Here's some of my Top 5 Halloween Decors I got from pinterest.

The above decor suggests a Steamed Punk Theme, not your typical Halloween Decors. This suggests more of a guys taste and suggests a feeling of rock and roll music and style. Seeing this decor reminds me of a spooky movie with neon lights but relatively to Mad Max where there's music and fire surrounding it, but this decor shows of an upscale motif.

This is a Classic Luxe decor for  Halloween, showcases the right mix of black and white without being creepy This made me feel wanting to decorate at hour house (finger cross, somebody will be mad if I did this) Look at its details, from floor to ceiling, a circular shrug matched with a round table and with a sitting skeleton and with those other vignettes. I love the crow here it adds life to the dead. 

My third favorite, this can be a D-I-Y Project, as most of the items are found at home, just a little accessories was added to make things more likable. All you need was black paper, black cloth, twigs, canvass  a bucket and a throw pillow to start your D-I-Y, this is a good idea to enjoy while lounging on your couch.

This is putting up a your space for party, great place to have photos and this doesn't look scary after all with so many pumpkins and the energizing color of Orange fills. So there's nothing to get thrills unless there's somebody creepy would be sneaking around. It would be so much fun.

The Last List for this post, Is similar to my third favorite, A D-I-Y Project for those with a lesser budget. Get some papers and toys to be painted in black and silver and other vignettes that would fit in your look will give a mood your place. Black, Skull and Candles can make a story for your decors.

This are my Top 5 Halloween Decors. What' your theme? If you have noticed my post, I don't have ghosts but I got skulls and skeletons. So check out my next post about Halloween Again!

Halloween Party Checklist


How many Halloween Goals you've accomplished? I'm pretty sure there were more than three (3) that has been made. Tonight, Why don't we make things a little for exciting by doing one of the list, Throwing a Halloween Party, it would be great to start one and create a memorable experience for you.

Here's my Halloween Party Checklist, it's up for grabs.

Start planning your party and have a great time cause this season is just the beginning of attending and throwing parties. Enjoy and have fun!

Halloween Goals


Have you ever thought on the things you wish to do on a Halloween? Something more fun and creative way to celebrate rather than be scared.

As part of Filipino culture, the people would scare me, with stories about ghost and like not ours , So, I grew up scared when Halloween comes, it's the time I got a lot of eeries and high pressures and a never-ending cowardly thrills! Definitely I would pass out if I wouldn't walk-out!

But as I grew up, I learned things to enjoy what Halloween and It's pretty amazing when you just have to get the fear of the unknown. Here's some fun and exciting Halloween Goals!

There's around 20 activities you can choose from and this can be done together with children, friends or your family. So Let's try having a fun time while Halloween is fast approaching. Let me know what you have crazy things you have done.

5 Best Places for a Family Photoshoot

Selecting pictures may be easy, but there are times we wished that our family photos would turn out to look like printed from a glossy magazine . I admit that my family had some photographs taken by a photographer. Here are some Five (5) cheap thrills location you can have your photos hoot.

The Top 5 Places for a Family Photoshoot

1. Fort San Pedro
Photo credits to Rise.Ph

This is one of Cebu's Historical Places, A great place to bond and have your photos taken on weekdays. You can spruce up your wardrobe in "Mara Clara" Theme or Simply act as a modern family.

2. Taoist Temple

Photo Credits to: cebubarkada.com

Aside from our Spanish Heritage, Some of our fellow Cebuano's are coming from Chinese Family. If you are feeling Chinese or you have Chinese blood, why not try to have a a family photograph at Taoist temple, get to explore the places and its customs while enjoying the view and your photograph sessions.

3. Rain Forest Cebu
Photo Credits to: Alpaje '75

What movie characters pops into your mind? George in the Jungle? Tarzan? The Jungle Book? or All of them. This kind of feeling of excitement and going to the Zoo at the heart of the City, sure will make your family day special, kids will surely be amazed and their parents to see such wonderful experience. Match your troupe with khaki outfits to feel that you're actually in the zoo.

4. Club Serena Resort

Photo Credits to: Chiangdao.com
For those who may have gone to Club Serena Resort would disagree with me for having this part as a cheap thrill but Hey, you can have a day pass to enjoy the place inside its resort and have all have a photo session, or why not check in from another resort and have your photos taken fronting Club Serena's Beach Front not inside it's resort. 

5. SM Seaside Sky Park

Photo Credits to: chuckiedreyfus.ph
I think this must be the cheapest among all the options given but this places has a wide area you can choose from a kiddie park or the serenity park (when there's no kids around) Having a photo op there can save your time and enjoy another family day after a photo shoot.

Among these 5 options, which one is your best place to go?

Get this Look! Gabrielle Solis


Gabrielle Solis is played by Eva Longoria

Personality: Fiery, shes’s nouveau rich, warm, sensual and lives to her motto; Gabby wants Gabby gets!

Background: A Petite Latina who's beautiful, adored and bored, former Given Gabby’s penniless past, she flaunts her wealth.

Interior Style: Mediterranean and Mexican

You’ll know its Gabby’s house because it’s a complete reflection of her and physical beauty; you’ll know it from the moment you step inside her home. Her home interior is Mediterranean style decorated with Mexican decors to show her heritage and Old World Artworks to add more accents; with overflowing with luxurious fabrics in rich, golden tones uses Marble Tiles, silks and anything expensive. It makes her home very colorful and sophisticated.

1. Floors - Pick a customized floor carpet covering in beige or light grey

2. Walls - Yellow, the commonly used wall color paint for Mediterranean Inspired and White for Wood frames and areas you wish to make a statement on its own.

3. Furniture, For your Bed, Pick an Iron Made Four Poster bed make sure it has clean lines in Antique Finish. Choose a shades of Red and Gold for your Bed with Patterns Classical or Mandala look to make it Heavy and Feminine. Picking Red makes her a fiery goddess and so do you! and For your Living Area, Auster Feel of Chaise Lounge and Pair of one Seater sofa in light beige or grey that is a little bit darker that complements your floor. Pair it with a Glass Center table with golden legs with a little intricacy on the design. 

4. Art Work - Gabby may not be the person who appreciates art but she knows what would complement the look and feel she is looking for and that is Old World Theme. 

Gabby is my favorite character, her inner personal is just so hilarious yet she's a bitch friend whom you would definitely make you laugh and say the things that no other friend can do; and her character shows complex society that evolves from rags to riches. At some point, I see myself in her for being a go-getter and I see my friends in her too.

This is my last Desperate Housewife TV Series Feature of the month, So, If you have enjoyed this post; check out my previous post featuring the other desperate housewives

Susan Mayer
Lynette Scavo
Bree Van der Kamp 

Are do want to have this room and make it more of your personality. If you haven't decided yet; Contact Interior Designer Emari Pimentel of Premiere Design at premieredesignph(at)gmail(dot)com or simply go to the contact page of Lounge PHL.

How to Choose Photograph Themes for your Home


I love it when we have photograph themes! It’s like a bundle of instagram branded photo placed on a wall.  When selecting photographs for clients, the First thing I would ask them, What do want to see in your walls? Next question would be, how you want it to be perceived? And third question is my secret!

Most of us maybe familiar about Pinterest and Instagram; there are tons of beautifully selected photos to see, which is applied into your wall.  Knowing this is saving you a lot of energy and also getting confused with what photos you will display.

Family. The commonly used theme for Filipino Families; Remember, during my previous post about Change the way you see beauty about my grandmother’s house, which i mentioned I saw a wall full of their photos.  Having Family photos is like a treasure the more it gets old, more memories are being shared.

Self Portrait.  Its Epic. As an only child, my mom have a lot of my photos taken from a Studio and up to this day wherever I lounge inside our house I see my face even when I look at my mom’s face. Having self portrait photos are like having a selfie with a better camera used. Didn't you know that it helps a child boost their confidence? 

Travel.  If you love travelling this one is for you, you can have your photos together with your chosen background during your travels or simply your portraits or simply the beauty of capturing photos during your travel. It’s worth a placing it especially the ones that you really enjoyed and has such an exceptional experience.

Nature. It can be a landscape, flowers or even water as long as its nature, it is always worth the picture to showcase its symphony. It gives a mystery and noise of its own; capturing things beyond the eyes of ordinary men.

Artworks. It can be a painting, mixed media or digital art. People who loves to showcase their works or acquire ones work. They are the people who appreciates art more than anything and Its a treasure for them to be kept for generations and be an influence to apply art in someone else life. 

These are the Top 5 Photograph themes that I normally encounter, Choosing the right theme for your photographs is like telling a story to those whom you opened your doors. It gives them a glimpse of who you are what you value in your life. To have an organized wall gallery pick one of these or create your own theme. 

Get this Look! Bree Van der Kamp

Get your look of Bree Van Der Kamp

Bree is one of my favorite protagonist in the story. I enjoyed watching her when she's put in such bad circumstances yet she remains to be calm and in control.


Bree Van de Kamp played by Marcia Cross

Desperate Housewife Bree Van Der Kamp


Personality: She’s prim and proper has a perfectionist attitude and work ethic.


Background:  Bree's main struggle to maintain a perfect life despite various obstacles such as widowhood (Rex Van der Kamp), divorce (Orson Hodge), and alcoholism hindering her. She was a neurosis and obsessive-compulsive disorder that reflects her being a perfectionist. She has been married three times. Bree is known for her homemaking talents on the level of Martha Stewart. She is also well-versed in firearm training.


Interior Style: Federal Style


Her home interior reflects classism and controlling; Federal-Style furniture in dark woods that captures its flawless formality. Its reflects its perfectionist attitude to maintain it neat and tidy  and uses exact symmetry, even on her decors that comes precise and matching display.

Get your look of Bree Van Der Kamp

Living Space of Bree Van der Kamp


Living Room Inspiration of Bree Van Der Kamp

1. Solid Wood Furniture in Dark Wood Tones 

2. Using the shades of whites for your walls in a lighter shade and for its edges paint use a dark shade of whites while for your furniture a medium color for your upholstery, follow the Light, Medium and Dark Scheme

3. Apply the word "class", define it according to your preference, think of a formal living room.  Choose a 3-seater Sofa that looks formal and its edges are curved to give a softer look. This also applies to your side tables and center tables they look classy and not heavily decorated.

4. Apply asymmetry in the use of accessories, decors, and furniture. Use matching vases, candle holder and lamp. Everything should be in pair or most of it.

5. Add a little interest, for your single seater sofa, use 2 different furniture with one detail that matches the 3-seater sofa. This will have an interesting look. 

6. With your mismatched single seater sofa, use a side table that is round, after all this part of the living room makes it a little more special. 

7. Add some florals it can be an all-white flower arrangement or an English inspired floral decors.

There you have it a formal living area!

As her character evolved she opted for Hollywood Regency, sleeker and chic interior that matches her new perspective and personality. It is still formal but it gives a vibe of informal approach it makes people engage in conversation and shared laughter with friends.

Living Room Inspiration of Bree Van Der Kamp

Do you want to give your space a lift? Contact Interior Designer Emari Pimentel of Premiere Design through the following contact details premieredesign(at)gmail.com or simply contact her through the contact page of this website.

How to Select the Right Photograph Frame


Picking the right frame for you can be very tasking; with so many Photograph frames available in the market we can buy anything that pleases our eyes. But, it doesn’t guarantee to have a beautiful outcome. Choosing the Right frame is the second thing that people would notice.

In choosing your frame, you must know the size of your photograph and how it will be arranged in which I discussed in my last week’s post How to hang photographs in 12 ways

Photo Credit to: Modern Home Decorating Magazine Trendir

1. Know your theme. In any designer before starting a project, they would ask what type of theme they will use for their client or for themselves.
For this example:  Modern Classical: Baroque

Photo Credits to: White House Market

Photo Credits to: Maria Danielsen

2. Pair with Color. Color Combination is one way to go to have a finish product. Let’s say you have chosen a Black and White Dominant Color for your theme, Match these two colors to the accent color that you want to make use in your frame. Like like your choosing your own clothes. This will come easy when you choose your frame.

Photo Credits to: Pop Sugar Home

3. Find the Right Frame.  Make your chosen frame fits right to your wall, this will give a better statement what you wish to accomplish in your project.

Photo Credits to: Pretty Providence

4. Pick your color. When shopping for frames you can choose either Black or White to stick with your theme and play around if the details of your frames.  To have a bolder look, you may pick Red or Gold for a more Luxurious effect.

There you have it choosing the Right Frame for your Photograph, Catch another DIY Next Week for more Practical Tips. 

Get this look! Lynette Scavo

Get this look of Lynette Scavo's House

Last Week, I posted about Susan Mayer, my least favorite character yet the one who completes the Desperate Housewives characters. Now, It is another Desperate Housewife whom I am featuring for this weeks article.

The Practical Lynette, the mother and wife who struggles to keep her family as she tries to be in control and in attempt to be back on her career hay days.

She’s one kind of a character that reflects most mothers or even single mothers with strong personalities who is always up for a challenge.

Lynette Scavo played by Felicity Huffman


Desperate House Wife: Lynette Scavo

She’s sensible, dominant and practical.


Background: She used to be a successful career woman until she gave it up for her family to be a housewife. She has 5 Biological Children and 1 adopted from Tom’s previous relationship and a working Husband named Tommy Scavo.


Interior Style: practical and sensible Mission-Style

Her home interior reflects practical decorating solutions, she uses nice-worn-out furnishings, slightly chaotic and little messy when her kids are around.


Selects sensible furniture in Mission Style Interiors set in Warm woods that can withstand the wear and tear of her busy and big family; chooses large and plump furniture for comfort and durability rather than aesthetic design. Having a big and busy family calm colors are used to soften the chaos, soft blue fabrics in over-sized plaids and denim are mostly used to reflect her family.

Area: Living Area

Get this look of Lynette Scavo's House

Living Area of Lynette Scavo of Desperate Housewife

Get your look of Lynette Scavo Living Space

1. Choose Warm colors for the choice of furniture in different choices

2. Choose Color Blue, you're surrounded by boys and boys-at-heart as your main color of the room because boys are mostly seen in this area. literally, especially when they are watching over a Basketball game.

3. Add touches of pink, let them know you still exist.

4. White is the key to unify the colors around you, the touch that makes everything simple and neat. Do this before installing your floors, it will save you time and money.

5. Start with your floors, when you have an open area and it is practical to use one type of color and material for your floor. (tiles, vinyl or engineered wood)

6. Arrange your Gadgets, in this way you know exactly what to do next when it comes to electrical stuff. 

7. Arrange your furniture, your bulky sofa fronting a wall mounted the TV and with a rattan weaved accent chair facing to the sofa, this will keep your living area cozy and invokes talking to your family or entertaining guests.

8. Add touches of color to add brightness for this look, add orange, it energizes people and it also looks good with blue, white and browns.

9. Keep everything simple and neat, nothing to fancy about.

Does this Interior Appeals to you? or reflects a bit of you? Well, you can apply some of the tips and have your own home; be a reflection of your personality.

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