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Dragon Fruit Farm in Liloan, Cebu


On an unexpected day trip, We end up going to Dragon Fruit Farm in Lilo-an, Cebu. It was a two and thirty minutes road trip from my place to the Dragon Fruit Farm, Lilo-an, Cebu. I conveyed my uncle's vehicle going up to the Farm, as I have never been there. 

It was a beautiful 30 minutes drive from the main road of Lilo-an to the Dragon fruit farm, despite the roads were bumpy and a little steep with some roads are along the cliff as I drive and the fact it was a narrow road to have two vehicles running without the other one to stop. 

Arriving at the Dragon fruit farm, the place was breathtaking, as if nature was talking to me to cheer up. Well, the place was good enough to experience this natural beauty. We were 11 in total when we visited the place. There's a good parking spot across the farm where people gathered to either get inside of the farm or getting out of the farm. The parking lot was full and people still keep coming.

We went there inside and had a chance to enjoy this beautiful to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We had our photos taken and also took the chance to film our vlogs during the trip. Most of the things we did were not captured on the lens but the beautiful serene place and experience was something new to us. 

Once we were inside, we can't stop gushing and thinking of having a farm in the city, or a similar farm in the province. Many beautiful thoughts had come across as we go explore the farm. Though you can only see similar crawling cactus and its dragon fruit. Still, we enjoyed nature's view.

As the sun was about to set, we had stayed in this lounge overlooking the river. We sat to talk and looked among other locals with their families gathering and enjoying this new experience. Outside food was allowed to be taken inside their lounge and use their table and seats if only we did know, we would have done the same thing. 

If you feel that visiting a dragon fruit, then here's a guide for you. I'm sharing this information base on someone who drives a vehicle.

  • Parking Fee:  20.00 PHP
  • Entrance Fee: 20.00 PHP 
  • Dragon Fruit Milk Shake: 45.00 PHP 

  •  Dragon Fruit : 150.00 - 200.00 PHP per Kilo (depends per season)* 

*Their prices may vary and which dragon fruit farm you'll be going to. 

The place closed at 5:00pm and we waited a little longer until almost everyone has left. Since we do follow the protocols of social distancing. We were the last ones to go, as we have waited for our milkshakes to be served after 2 hours, that's how long we waited for the milkshakes because they had such a demand for their drinks. 

We went for a city road trip once in a while that's because we had matters to attend to, but this trip was different it was an experience that we get got after being held captive in a dungeon. that's how I felt during the six months of strict lockdown. I know it was for everyone's' safety but it felt like a prison for someone like me who can't stand still in one place. It was the freedom that we had lost.

Good thing, We made this trip and gave us this ray of sunshine to see that the world hasn't ended. The world is still coping and thriving and a little goes a long way. We continued our trip until late in the evening because we just want to bond more and appreciate the beauty of nature. If you want to see our video. Click this link here

Fashion Friday: How to wear a Halloween Costume from your closet

Halloween Season, is just around the corner and parties will be everyone's talk of the town. Honestly, I haven't attended any parties involving this season or I knew someone would held a party here in the Philippines. However, party venues or bars are not an exception which are held on the last weekend of October. 

In some cases, we don't need a party where we will have a costume theme. Often times, we find ourselves part in a bigger group either friends or company to welcome the upcoming season and during this time, one of the perks is to dress up. Dressing up is one of the things I enjoy, and often than not I don't plan to spend a lot of these occasions without seeing myself wearing a particular outfit for another occasion.

Have you thought on these characters that you can copy and still look fabulous after the event?

We'll here's my top 5 picks on getting ready for the halloween. 

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania by 臺灣cosplaymolly芽の窩

1. Mavis of Hotel Transylvania. Mavis is my top pick, her character is sweet and perky even if she is Dracula's daughter. Either short or long back dress, this can be worn in any other occasions. Just add some details where to enhance and get the look. The brooch is her statement accessory.

45+Stunning Halloween costumes for women's creativity and unique ideas - Crushappy Blog #halloween #halloweenparty #halloweendecorations  #halloweengirl #halloweenfashion #fashion #halloweenwomen #beauty

2. Wednesday Adams . Short Long cocktail and white collars and sleeves will definitely give you that vibe. Don't forget the braid and the long socks to complete your look.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Promo shot of Kiernan Shipka

3. Sabrina Spellman. If you are a fan of "Sweet" Sabrina, the teenage witch up to the suspense thriller, The Chilling Adventures of "Scary" Sabrina. We'll I wanted to go for her casual look to make it you look sweet, red tops and black skirt with your headband and oh! did I say the book of spell will give you that perfect Sabrina look. 

Bellatrix Lestrange - Harry Potter Photo (37437271) - Fanpop

4. Beatrix Lestrange. I just saw Harry Potter on my feed and saw, Lestrange. We'll I thought she was part of Jack Sparrow's team with the layers of black fabrics around her. We'll if you are feeling this vibe and a lot of textured fabrics to go along with it, then you should at least try this look and by the look itself, make sure you have the wand and that Oh! So gorgeous hair! (you better by a wig for this.)

DIY Corpse Bride Emily Halloween Costume Idea 3

5. Emily of Corpse of the Bride. I haven't watched this movie but this movie reminds me of my friend, who loves this and have this, you only needed a white long dress and a make up to complete the look. 

Among these five fabulous ladies who made your day in theaters or on TV, who do you think you like to play the character even for a moment?

Halloween Decor: How to Spice up your living area this year

With the holidays coming up, you're probably already creating or possibly thinking about parties to attend and one of the holidays is the Halloween. Before we could ever attend the Halloween Party, we thought of having decorations around the house or even an office to have some fun and perk things a little. I'm  excited to share the top 5 Pinterest board I found online.

How to Spice up your living area this Halloween Season! 

Last year, I have been crushing over on Halloween decors and wanted to throw small parties at home, its a simple gathering to lighten up the place and set aside those creepy things that our minds had instill. This year, fingers crossed. I had checked out some pinterest worthy boards that are not so creepy to decorate our place. Here's the top 5 boards I got.

Step 1: Decorate your foyer area

Nice 30+ Casual Halloween Decorations Ideas That Are So Scary.

This foyer decor is just amazing to welcome our guest, It has this fun vibe to greet our guest upon entering the house and it also doesn't share off kids instead they'll have fun. In a household like ours, every weekend there are guest visiting along with their kids and I would like to avoid kids crying. Oh! The dried flowers just added spark to brighten the not-so-creepy decor.

Use a skeleton accessory to make your decor stand out, he will become your "usher" for the welcome committee and those witch hat add some glitters and decors to glam it up. Sounds fun! Add some weaved basket to add another touch of your place with flowers on it in bold with some fun headings to capture our attention. Use the power of three when decorating.

Step 2: Decorate your Coffee table

Halloween coffee table vignette found via Pink Peppermint Design.

One of the easiest area of your house to decorate is your living area and that means to decorate your coffee table. Just make sure you decorate it sparsely and avoid to much small things around and occupy only base on your tray. To achieve this look, Get a tray and work around the space. Collect a book with black cover, a creepy hand, black and white boxes, a pumpkin figures and lastly if you have the magic box with the word, trick or treat.

Step 3: Add fun stuff to your open-shelves

43 Cool Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Open shelves is a great way to showcase items that you wanted to display, and be seen by your guest for this season. Showcasing a Halloween decor would make it more lively, by the time you decorate back your all-year round decor your guest would still appreciate it knowing that the decor has been replaced. 

When buying decors, there are items are excess when used this gives you an extra room around the place to get creative. Some times can be taken from your kitchen such as the garlic while somethings you can work on by making it look brand new. Remember those jars your planning to toss out? How about we use it here.

Step 4: Decorate your walls

Your Halloween Mantel 3 Ways: Modern, Glam Goth & Classic #falldecorideasforthehome #falldecorideas #halloweendecorideas »

You got those extra wall space or planning to go a little extra in your living room by decorating your walls? Decorate it with something black or even vintage because it looks great to add some thing that would make it look old, a vintage looking decor would fit perfectly in this area with a little paper works forming a bat while your side table will have those brooms - Are you a Harry Potter fan? How about using the sorting hat and the Nimbus 2000 as part of the decor. 

Step 5: Decorate your Sofa


One of the few things you can decorate without spending much is using your throw pillows, every now and then our throw pillows are being change from theme to the other. You can actually spend a little when using this decor and you can re-use it again for the following your or add another. 

If you are looking for more Halloween Inspiration, you'll love the rest of my Pinterest board - check it out here! 

If you haven't yet

You can see a Pinterest inspired blog post here.

Capturing the world of Vlogging: A thousand thanks to 1K Subscribers

5 things to when when starting a vlog

Vlogging, A short terminology for video blog has become a norm to the Filipino community and this has spread enormously to all ends of the world. Though it did not start in the Philippines, as I have observed that every day, more and more people are getting into this platform; whether they have a piece of information or educational content to share or simply capturing their daily lives or spreading happiness to people. As each content has become valuable for their viewers.

12 years ago I did a post about a famous Korean actor, Lee Dong Wook. He was the leading man of a Korean TV series "My Girl". I was a fan and we and my friend Jo Mari Domingo went to ABS-CBN just to see and we did and were close enough to touch, I did for a nano-second and most importantly we were able to see him in person and can't help myself shouting and calling out his name. It was a wonderful experience. We were a Hallyu Fans at it was termed back then, now its K-pop!

5 things to when when starting a vlog

At this present time, I started to capture videos and of course vlogging;  I just decided to do it after a long period of time procrastinating on starting and on how it will be. this is a one-man show for me and took me years to realize that, thankfully, a friend, Sharon had that guts and showed me that there is nothing to be scared of trying. So I did. Despite my unpreparedness to start due to a list of excuses that I had listed on paper and on the mind.  I hate to admit that I suck, I suck on my videos, I hate the way I talk and project knowing that's not how I would talk but If I hadn't started I wouldn't know how to improve myself on doing things and needed to learn a lot about this new venture which is another activity I want to work on. Just like any other business, you got to work hard and know how these things would click. To leverage on my vlog, I focused on which I am good at rather than focus on my flaws and from there I tried and practice as the same time trying to work on my flaw and that I wouldn't have grown this channel if it wasn't for COVID 19, I got more spare time to think and also work on it. It takes a lot of time and effort to work and people if you needed to and for a better results marketing it would be your best shot. Like in my earlier post, I'm not used not to make myself productive and that's why one of my other thoughts are to work on YouTube Channel. 

5 Things that helped me in my vlogging journey

  • Just do it.
You thought of having your own youtube channel and want to create those videos that you have been wanting. Now is the time to start it. Use your Camera phone and if you have a compact camera or DSLR make use of it and it should have a durable tripod.
  • Work on with what you are good at.
I don't enjoy talking in front of the camera simply because I'm not comfortable seeing my face and talking especially on a crown it makes me feel anxious and weird. Though I am weird in my own way. I know that talking to a camera won't work yet for me and so I did took videos of scenery and other people and from there. I did edit it because I know I'm got at it as well which you can definitely see in my videos. Purchase a good video editing software, I use Wondershare Filmora. 
  • Grab the spare time you got.
In my earlier post, I only capture the things that I visited or the memories that I was able to capture. I have a lot of videos but those videos seem raw and for personal which I am hesitant to share with the world.  I studied what I could think of and know how it will work, my uncle Randy W. Horton is a vlogger and my cousin, Cole is the one doing all the videos and content as well and we did exchange some thoughts on this and gave me an insight as well. Humblegera Diaries has given me advice as well on how I should plan to grow my channel. Both have different ways of growing and I applied all of which I know of both traditional, new media and the advice given. I took the chance of COVID 19 to work on my vlog. 
  • Ask for Support.
During the time of COVID since I have no content to share I thought of collaborating with Paula who has her own TikTok account since kids like it there more than anything and since she knows how to dance. Also, I asked help from different people to support my channel in order to get the subscribers and leverage on what they are good at with their permission as well. 
  • Market when necessary.

In order for me to grow my channel and also my other social media, I have to promote it in all sectors both organic and paid. Yes, I have to spare a few bucks in order to promote my channel and get make time to market almost every day because of the goal that I wanted to. This all applies to all my social media and also my businesses. 

Now you have those 5 things when starting a vlog, don't forget to subscribe me in my channel  . Don't forget to enjoy the journey and have fun.

Get Inspired: Yoon Se-Ri's Apartment

Two months have gone by since I finished watching Crash Landing on you and still, I can't help but killing despite watching other movies. Yes movies - I didn't watched another Kdrama yet because I felt there was an unfulfilled satisfaction in featuring Crash Landing You Topics and still had a handful of it. One of it is featuring Yoon Se-Ri's House, which I grabbed from @firstzyxx (della) Instagram account and these photos can be found also from Metro.Style and other websites. 

Yoon Se-Ri's Apartment

Brutalist Interior Design

It's refreshing to see this kind of production concept in Korean Dramas and the fact that they experimented on a new design trend. The element of Concrete finishes and Natural Stones and wood, for me, signifies its connection to the earth.  Thee use
Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

WAll Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Brick Wallpaper / Ceiling Wood Panel / Concrete Finish Wallper/

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Concrete Pots / Wall Art / Lighting Fixture/ Ostrich Feather / Spotlight
/Nest Side Table/ 

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Acrylic Center Table / Oval Center Table /Side Table /

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Yellow throw Pillow / Floral Throw Pillow /Orange Cushion /
/ Side Lamp / Bamboo Accessories/ 

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

Home Office: Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Desk Table / Side Table / Gold Lamp /
/ White Swivel Chair / Table Accessories /  
/ Floral Thow Pillo on Couch /

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

Home Office: Material Alternatives and where to get them: / TV Stand / Hexagon Shelves /  

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Yellow throw Pillow / Floral Throw Pillow /Orange Cushion /
/Terracotta Pots/ Terracotta Pots - Small / 

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Lounge Table / Orange Cushion / White Blanket /
/ Side Table / Incensed /  Round Rug / 

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: /Black Sculpture / Blue Concrete Pot / Side Lamp
/ Terracotta Ceiling Lamp / 

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Coffee Table / Yellow Cushion/
Round Mirror / Console Table/
Track Lights

Cafe Series: How to make an Iced Mocha Latte

Iced Mocha Latte

Want to create more homemade coffee drinks? How about drinks for the chocolate lovers and still want to enjoy the bitterness of Coffee. An Iced Mocha Latte would be a great idea for the sweet tooth(s). Let's create a coffee recipe that everyone is familiar with and still opting for Starbucks or a Coffee Shop. You can create this drink in less than 5 minutes as long as you have your iced cubes done a night before. I would recommend this to those who wanted a smaller amount of caffeine in their drinks.

Iced Mocha Latte

************ GET THIS RECIPE ************

▶ Nescafe Gold → ▶ Ice Cube mold → ▶ Mixing Bowl → ▶ Electric Egg Beater → ▶ Electric Machine → ▶ Soy Milk → ▶ Milo Powder →

Things you need:

  1. Ice Cube Molder
  2. A Glass
  3. Milk
  4. Chocolate Garnish
  5. 1 Sachet of Milo

Leftover Dalgona Coffee? Let's make a Dalgona Iced Mocha Latte

Let me teach you some tips and tricks that you don't need to throw away your Dalgona Coffee or Any Coffee
  1. Mix well your leftover Dalgona Coffee - the whipped Dalgona Coffee, the milk and the ice.
  2. Pour it into the Ice Cube Mold
  3. and Let it freeze for 4 hours or overnight, So you will have an Iced Coffee Cubes

How to make a Dalgona Iced Mocha Latte?

  1. In a glass, pour 1 sachet of Milo Powder or 2 tbsp of Milo
  2. Next is to pour your Dalgona Iced Coffee Cubes until it fills the 3/4 of the glass.
  3. Pour milk on it until full or at its peak. 
  4. You may add a whipped cream on it (As for what I made, I didn't add whipped cream)
  5. Garnish it with chocolate syrup or chocolate powder.
Enjoy the sweetness of chocolate during a hot summer day. No need to go out of the house and still be able to enjoy the sweet taste of a homemade coffee drink.

I hope you are enjoying our cafe series and please do watch the following videos that we have on my channel. 

Ratings: 5/5 Stars 

Cafe Series: Cocoa Milk by Frnk


Cocoa Milk by Frnk Bar

A few days ago, As I was scrolling over my IG Stories. I saw Isabelle Daza preparing one of Frnk Milk's concoction and probably as I recall, it's her own version since she's in lockdown as well. I decided to make my own - base on the memory that I saw on Instagram. I made my own version, hence the look of it. Here is my own version of Frnk Milk. Can't wait to visit Manila and drink their beverage. 

************ GET THIS RECIPE ************

▶ Ice Cube mold → ▶ Mixing Bowl → ▶ Electric Machine → ▶ Soy Milk → ▶ Milo Powder → , if in case you don't have cocoa

Things you need:

  1. Ice Cube Molder
  2. A Glass
  3. Soy Milk
  4. Cocoa Powder

Let's make a Cocoa Milk by Frnk Milk Bar 

  1. Get 2 tbsp of Cocoa Powder and Mix 2 Tbsp. just make sure you have that sticky consistency that you want to have. 
  2. Place Cocoa Mixture on the side of the glass
  3. Pour Ice Cubes on the glass for about 3/4's
  4. Add Milk of your preference, make sure its cold
  5. Add remaining cholocate on top of it, just like you are making a Dalgona Coffee, just don't fill the entire glass
  6. Add crushed biscuits of your preference
  7. Add dash of cocoa toppings and you are all set! 

Enjoy the sweetness of chocolate during a hot summer day. No need to go out of the house and still be able to enjoy the sweet taste of a homemade cocoa mik drink
I hope you are enjoying our cafe series and please do watch the following videos that we have on my channel. 

Ratings: 5/5 Stars 

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