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Green Lagoon Resort, Compostela, Cebu



Green Lagoon Beach Resort was the first resort we went to after the lockdown. First was it was just along the road and the place was nearby the city. It is an hour drive at that time during our travel but on a normal basis (pre-covid) it will take someone to go there around 2-3 hours considering the traffic jam.

The place was huge and can cater to a lot of guests who are looking for a budget resort.

First, I'll talk about my observation of the place.

They have a wide road for vehicles to park and drive without and that you can park across where your cottage was located and people who wish to walk around can just enjoy the place.

They got different categories as per occupancy from tables or even for a larger crowd in which everyone can be catered. 

A pool where kids can enjoy and they are observing protocols and like lifeguards were even there to monitor kids who might just be overjoyed while playing that they forgot some of the rules such as diving and running around the pool which they do not allow as to avoid accidents.

Even if an accident might happen in the area, they have an Ambulance Van and an area where they can do first aid which I have not seen in other budget or family resort such as Green Lagoon Resort, that made us feel safe to come back over and over after a lockdown.

They also have another amenity like a court, though I didn't see any net, I assume it can be used for volleyball and badminton. I have not asked whether they offer rental for the net or the ball to be enjoyed and if the floor worries you, then don't be as it is covered with sand.

The last is the beach, I enjoyed the beach despite its rocky and got my feet hurt. Upon going there I have to assist my mom in going down, why? the stairs may have a riser that a grandmother or toddler can't have any difficulty when raising their leg but the tread or the step needs a little to be expanded so a person who has a shoe size around 8 or more may not fall into it. because a family member did slip while taking the stairs despite being cautious. For some reason, we thought it could be the sand but as an interior designer, my technical knowledge thinks it's also the stairs.  

Overall the place is good for the budget, though they need to do some repairs and improvements as they have some rebars and some stairs that have dilapidated some construction materials are not properly in stored in a warehouse and they barricade made of sticker or this plastic tape with the word ***Caution*** may give awareness still they could have done something more as most can no longer be on site. If you aren't keen on the surroundings then you might get into an accident. Though it is also understandable that they are working on improvements to their resort.

The place is secured as they got people to check and inspect us upon entering and as well people going back and forth to check us in the beach one thing we find disturbing are the dogs that are bystanders in our cottage waiting for our food. Most of us got scared because we think the stay dogs or their dogs might just bite us anytime. Good thing these dogs are behaving and just roam around just like the people in the resort. 

The staffs are nice, friendly and accommodating and that's what we like is their customer service. They made us feel secure and make sure that we are reminded of the protocols and even calls us when its time to be off the shore as it was getting darker.

Overall I'm going to give them 4 stars the budget resort. 

A year in Review of 2020

A year in Review of 2020

 I thought I wouldn't make a video or a blog about A year in Review of 2020. As much as I wanted to show to be deep and realistic about how 2020 went with me, I wanted to show the highlights of 2020 in this post and take time to read and reflect on how things might have gone for you as well. 

Our first adventure was going to Oslob and experience our fist family bonding of the year, together with my cousin, Marc. Here's a link to the video:

Who would have thought that this might be the last Sinulog before COVID hits and affected us globally and that led us to experience a new kind of normal.

and This was our last Normal Chill a day before it was announced that we will be on a lockdown, and went to 10,000 Roses in Cordova.

The last events that people would come and enjoy just like everyone does, where my mom and Tita's enjoy a night that they would reminiscent a lot and the dancing that they love to show when at a party.

during quarantine of the first months, we tried to entertain ourselves by creating the following videos, from Jokai  TV's Dance cover before launching her own channel to creating a compilation of K-drama houses.

and a lot of Korean Drama binge-watching and all miscellaneous things to entertain ourselves at home, until we were temporarily allowed to go outside and it was such a breather., Experiencing the first New Normal.

As we are still stuck at home, I did a lot of doing stuff and things around here were beginning to mess up with my mind, and here are a few tips where I shared my knowledge as an Interior Designer. 

After a couple of months of being on a lockdown, when things begin to be normal for others while I am not having that. My family begins to have encouraged us to have short trips which I began to enjoy once in a while my thoughts are being stressed out on so many things and been drifting away to the reality and to most people where I began to no longer answer to them.

As I find comfort in Isolation, I was able to find myself through these short travels, though it's a work in progress. I began to find the light at the end of the tunnel, I was able to experience things that I  thought are just for others, I got to experience things that are shy from my personality nor would I have done so but in those challenging times there are quite a realization and a lot of thinking and feeling on that thing we could do more and what I might be searching for and that was progressing. 

I had a lot of first times, A lot of what could have been, and a lot of reflection. I don't lack the motivation in getting it what things just didn't work as much as I have worked hard for it and rejections just kept on coming and I didn't take it too well and things were becoming stressful as every minute is ticking. 

As each rejection, each door closed, and each opportunity that was almost in my grasp. I was drifting emotionally and surprisingly there are things that knock on your door and that was my light. 

I haven't got to the point of being normal yet but I began to show myself again and when I have to be, I got to be showing myself. Aligning ourselves was a transition and a work in progress but for me, despite it took me long to show myself and be there in the present it was a blessing as I said there was a light in a tunnel and things align ourselves to and it's not going to be overnight. It will take time. 

I wish everyone who all experiences just tremendous transformation and challenges, things will be better and it will align ourselves to where our paths will be. Until then, See you this 2021.

Halloween Make-Ip Transformation


Due to quarantine, We spend a lot of time with our families and finding ways to have get-togethers despite the on-going pandemic. As much as we refrain going outside in the comforts of our home. It can't be avoided that we are beginning to feel isolated. 

Therefore, there are times we do things for the first time despite and even we have seen these things going on for centuries from the western people. We re-created a family bonding by doing a Halloween Party. 

Its mostly, Do-It-Your Own fashion styles and make-ups since we limit and become conscious in our purchases. Here's a video of our Halloween Make-Up Transformation. Check this video.

Cascades Nature Park, Compostela, Cebu


 After months of being staying at home and for like almost a year for not being able to do some activities. We finally found a place where we can catch up with our family once again and enjoy a beautiful time to experience nature.

It looks around almost 2 hours to reach the place from where I live and when we go there. If felt so beautiful and romantic. Just like going to a farmhouse.

I drove there and welcomes by these huge rocks and as I go through the driveway,  I was enthralled by how huge the landscape is and also the trees that surround us. It got me even more excited to go there. 

We settled in a tent with tables and chairs and were able to sleep in the grass as if we are actually in a picnic enjoying the sun rays and also the scenery as I drift away to sleep.

By the time I woke up, I checked the place and played along with family members and this huge swimming pool where everyone jumped in and played to their extent until it was time for more adventure.

We did the kayaking, paddleboard, and that 4 people like biking in the lake. It was such a great experience that everyone should try and enjoy. 

Check out our videos to get a glimpse of our adventure.

Dragon Fruit Farm in Liloan, Cebu


On an unexpected day trip, We end up going to Dragon Fruit Farm in Lilo-an, Cebu. It was a two and thirty minutes road trip from my place to the Dragon Fruit Farm, Lilo-an, Cebu. I conveyed my uncle's vehicle going up to the Farm, as I have never been there. 

It was a beautiful 30 minutes drive from the main road of Lilo-an to the Dragon fruit farm, despite the roads were bumpy and a little steep with some roads are along the cliff as I drive and the fact it was a narrow road to have two vehicles running without the other one to stop. 

Arriving at the Dragon fruit farm, the place was breathtaking, as if nature was talking to me to cheer up. Well, the place was good enough to experience this natural beauty. We were 11 in total when we visited the place. There's a good parking spot across the farm where people gathered to either get inside of the farm or getting out of the farm. The parking lot was full and people still keep coming.

We went there inside and had a chance to enjoy this beautiful to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We had our photos taken and also took the chance to film our vlogs during the trip. Most of the things we did were not captured on the lens but the beautiful serene place and experience was something new to us. 

Once we were inside, we can't stop gushing and thinking of having a farm in the city, or a similar farm in the province. Many beautiful thoughts had come across as we go explore the farm. Though you can only see similar crawling cactus and its dragon fruit. Still, we enjoyed nature's view.

As the sun was about to set, we had stayed in this lounge overlooking the river. We sat to talk and looked among other locals with their families gathering and enjoying this new experience. Outside food was allowed to be taken inside their lounge and use their table and seats if only we did know, we would have done the same thing. 

If you feel that visiting a dragon fruit, then here's a guide for you. I'm sharing this information base on someone who drives a vehicle.

  • Parking Fee:  20.00 PHP
  • Entrance Fee: 20.00 PHP 
  • Dragon Fruit Milk Shake: 45.00 PHP 

  •  Dragon Fruit : 150.00 - 200.00 PHP per Kilo (depends per season)* 

*Their prices may vary and which dragon fruit farm you'll be going to. 

The place closed at 5:00pm and we waited a little longer until almost everyone has left. Since we do follow the protocols of social distancing. We were the last ones to go, as we have waited for our milkshakes to be served after 2 hours, that's how long we waited for the milkshakes because they had such a demand for their drinks. 

We went for a city road trip once in a while that's because we had matters to attend to, but this trip was different it was an experience that we get got after being held captive in a dungeon. that's how I felt during the six months of strict lockdown. I know it was for everyone's' safety but it felt like a prison for someone like me who can't stand still in one place. It was the freedom that we had lost.

Good thing, We made this trip and gave us this ray of sunshine to see that the world hasn't ended. The world is still coping and thriving and a little goes a long way. We continued our trip until late in the evening because we just want to bond more and appreciate the beauty of nature. If you want to see our video. Click this link here

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